Easy Free Traffic Methods

To get more website traffic requires a number of different strategies, each will take someone hours and hours of work in front of a computer screen. This is of course fundamental to getting a website in front of as many viewers as humanly possible. That’s what it’s all about – website traffic.

Many a person uploading their first website files to a hosting company will not have much, if any, spare cash they can devote to buying traffic. The alternative is to target free methods in order to improve their online presence and get sales.

There exists an abundance of different ways that will not cost a cent to advertise so you will just need time and perseverance. Paying for traffic is a better way of driving visitors to any site but free will hopefully get you up and running in no time while you learn some basics.

Feeder sites can be very effective and are a popular way of easily placing content on the net without going to the trouble of paying for a domain name and hosting. These site serve to point back to your main site with links. Some examples are Squidoo, HubPages and Blogger. They are well liked by the major search engines and are labeled authority sites so be sure to submit quality material.

Video marketing sites are gaining fast in popularity so do not ignore. Search engine results are well populated with video results which should be a big hint. The easiest way to make a video is to use existing written content you have and convert it into a slide show with your voice reading each slide. Use pertinent keywords to get better results then upload to video distribution sites.

Submit your site to high ranking directories. Doing this will increase the number of backlinks pointing to your fledgling site, helping it to be found by search engines.

You will need to choose the ideal category matching your niche then a sub-category if available. A search in your favorite search engine will proved you with any number of directories.

Email Signatures are a very good simple idea as well. You can simply put a P.S. At the end of your each email you send with a link to your website or blog attracting more website traffic. It is possible to set your email client settings to do this automatically so you don’t forget. This must surely be the easiest marketing method available.

Be sure to take action and good results should be your reward.