Marine Satellite TV Antenna and System – Get the Best for Less

You do not have to settle for over-the-air TV and radio while at sea. Now you can have a marine satellite TV system that allows you to watch satellite TV, listen to satellite radio, and even go online.

Marine Satellite TV Antenna

Marine satellite TV antennas capture and track the signal being broadcast from a satellite. The best antennas feature:

* Dual LNB (low-noise block) converter – allows you to watch two separate programs on two TVs.

* Fast search algorithm – for fast satellite identification and acquisition.

* Dynamic Tilting – adjusts the antenna to track a satellite in extreme weather conditions.

Marine antennas vary in size from 14.5 "in diameter to 24" in diameter, and weigh around 30 pounds.

Marine satellite TV antennas cost anywhere from $ 500 for a fixed mount antenna to more than $ 7,000 for a top-of-the-line antenna / receiver combo with all the bells and whistles.

To get a better idea about which marine satellite TV antenna would be best for your particular situation, do an Internet search for "marine satellite TV antennas" or call your local marine retailer.

When you know which antenna you want, click on the Froogle shopping comparison website – – to compare prices. Here you'll see all the marine satellite TV antennas listed by price and get more product information by clicking on a particular store's website link.

Marine Satellite TV System

In addition to an antenna, a marine satellite TV system consists of a receiver to decode the satellite signal and send it to a TV.

You can get self-contained units that consist of an antenna and receiver, or you can get an antenna and purchase a separate receiver or get one free from DISH Network or DIRECTV (click on links below for info).

Satellite TV Programming

There are two major satellite TV providers – DISH Network and Directive.

DISH Network has 350 channels of satellite TV programs, movie channels, sports packages, Sirius satellite radio, news and weather channels, and pay-per-view programs. Their prices start at $ 19.99 for 40 channels, and they will give you a free dish and up to four free receivers when you subscribe to their service.

DIRECTV has 250 channels of satellite TV programs, sports packages, movie channels, XM radio, news and weather, plus pay-per-view programs. Their programming starts at $ 41.99 for 155 channels, and they too will give you a free dish and four free receivers when you subscribe to their service.

Note: Click on the links below for more information on satellite TV programming.

Bottom Line

If you want all the comforts of home while at sea, then a marine satellite TV system is something you should consider. They're reliably easy to install, can be set up on almost any size boat, and will give you years of enjoyment.