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Marine Oorah - Oorah (marines) - wikipedia, Oorah (marines) oohrah is a battle cry common in the united states marine corps since the mid-20th century. the term means "charge.". it is comparable to hooah in the us army and the us air force, and hooyah in the us navy and us coast guard.. The origin oo-rah cam beck - marine corps sea, Variant spellings include "oorah," "oohrah," and "ooh-rah." however it is spelled, it is recognizable as distinctly marine whether spoken or written,. The marine sergeant major 'oorah' battle cry, "oorah" has become a battle cry for the generations since, a phrase symbolic of the marine corps as much as "leatherneck" and "devil dogs." some historic references cite massaro's tour at marine corps recruit depot san diego as the place "oorah" really caught hold when he began using the phrase with new recruits.. What meanings "semper fi" "oorah" chants, Semper fi is marine short hand for the marine corps slogans semper fidelis which is latin for ever faithful. i believe oorah is a corruption of hoorah, but perhaps one of our marine readers can clarify that.. The meaning 'oorah' traced roots > marine, "oorah!" marines hear it each and every day. ingrained into marine minds since boot camp, this distinctly marine call is barked back and forth in an almost endless. Urban dictionary: oorah, Marine corps response in the affirmative and as a cheer and to signify that a marine is ready for action. started with marine amphibious units during the korean war in 1953. many marines had to be delivered to shore by means of submarine.. Oorah | marine corps association, Although the other services have since come up with their own versions, oorah is the uniquely marine way of replying positively to almost anything. in 1953 members of 1st amphibious reconnaissance company were aboard the submarine uss perch (assp-313).. Service calls: meaning hooah, oorah hooyah, Marine corps – oorah air force – hoorah coast guard traditionally uses hoorah also, although there’s more variation now that they fall under the dept of homeland security..

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Oorah (marines) wikipediaThe origin of oorah by cam beck marine corps seaThe marine sergeant major behind the 'oorah' battle cryWhat are the meanings of "semper fi" and "oorah" chantsThe meaning of 'oorah' traced back to its roots > marineUrban dictionary oorahOorah marine corps associationService calls the meaning of hooah, oorah and hooyah

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